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Millions of O2 and EE customers hit by price hike – this is who's affected

Price in the marketing mix of O2 Selectively option for the target market practice, O2 aims at its customers and market thereby choosing the price for the customers.

It has ample of services for ranging accordingly to the different class of customers. O2 Marketing Analysis. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Business Objectives of O2.

In a comparative look at the price plan with other network, although 02 appears to offer a good price plan this is not always the case, this may have a negative impact on consumer choice. 02’s “ price plan” is not as competitive as Three. As an O2 Refresh or Business Essentials customer, only the price of your Airtime Plan is affected by RPI, not your monthly Device Plan repayment.

You'll find the old price of your Airtime Plan on any bill or statement with a date before 1 April Either log on to My O2 or check your paper bill, if you get one. Cookies on O2. We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products.

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