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Spinova® Support Plus

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Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to. The VenoTrain stockings are very easy to get on and off and very comfortable to wear. One out of 2 adults over the age of 30 needs compression stockings.

Most drug plans cover an average of two pairs of stockings per year. The VenoTrain business knee-high compression stocking is available in two versions - foot long and foot short, which differ in terms of foot length. e i collant a compressione VenoTrain® coprono le esigenze legate a diverse patologie venose, da quelle lievi a quelle più gravi.

Bauerfeind’s VenoTrain® Business socks provide Class I (mmHg) graduated compression to stimulate oxygenating blood flow to and from the calves. This increased circulation helps to counteract the effects of immobility to lessen pain and swelling. Impact of Venotrain UlcerteC Venous Compression Device in the Treatment of Venous Ulcers in Daily Practice The cornerstone of the management of venous leg or predominantly venous leg ulcers with IPS> is venous compression as recommended by the HAS in June

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